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“These strange Englishmen”

A few days ago I read an interesting book it is called “These strange Englishmen” by Milsted David and Anthony Mayol. The authors described the British nation in such a bright way, a bit cinically and gibingly. I ‘ve always thought that Englishmen are reputed to be cold and reserved people and this book showed me their way of life in different ways. Even their geographical position of Great Britian has influenced their set of mind.  The book consists of small paragraphs, it’s easy to read. Each paragraphs has got its title :how they see themselves, how they are really appreciated, what are their relations to other nations. There is also a separate book dedicated to the manners and etiquette of British people and another book about traditions and customs. Having read this book I understood once again how different are all the nations, the Englishmen are really different from the point of view of any person, their world perception differs greatly.  I strongly recommend this book to everyone who is fond of British language  and culture.



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